My Wallet

Use “My Wallet” to save for Christmas, Birthdays and other events. You can add money to your wallet account whenever you want. You can then use the funds you have saved in your wallet to purchase your desired product or transfer to another customer who is also a wallet account holder. 

What is My Wallet?

My Wallet is a savings club, that allows our customers to save to money for products on our website.

How do I join?

It's a simple as setting up an account on Munster Tech Centre website. Click the Login button in the banner above or click on the Wallet Icon in the header menu. Once you are in your account dashboard, click on the "Wallet" link.

How do I add money to my wallet?

In the "Wallet" page, click Add Balance, Enter an amount and click Proceed. Enter your Personal Details, select your payment method, tick the T&Cs box, and click Place Order.

Can I withdraw money from My Wallet?

No withdrawals or refunds available from your wallet.

When will I see the funds in My Wallet

You will see the funds in your wallet, once our Admin has received and approved your transaction.

How does the "Wallet Transfer" work?

You can transfer funds to another Wallet Holder, by simply entering the email address they are registered with on our system, enter the amount you want to transfer and enter a reason for transfer. Some customers might like to use this as a gift for friends and family.

If I transfer funds to another wallet holder, when will they see the amount in their wallet?

They will see it immediately, as the funds have been previously approved in your wallet.

Do I have to have save the full amount before I complete my purchase?

If you don't have the full amount in your wallet to cover the price of the product, you can use your wallet funds plus pay the remainder by credit/debit card.

Can I use some of my funds to pay for a product and pay the rest by card?

Yes, you can choose the amount you wish to use from your wallet and pay the rest by card.

Where is the option to pay with wallet funds?

The option to pay with wallet funds is on the Checkout page, under the Total Amount to be paid.

When does the warranty on my product begin?

The warranty starts from the day you receive the product you purchased.

Can I collect from the store if I prefer?

Yers, you may collect the product from our store in Ennis, if you wish. You will need to show photo ID to the staff for security purposes.

Who do I contact if I have an issue or question regarding the wallet functionality?

You can call us at 065-6822655 or email: